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Posted on September 24th, 2008


Excellent Gallery Section. High Quality pictures in each set. Set continuity. The pictures aren’t just random bunches.


Excellent Selection, Nice and High Quality.


Awesome idea, panties are a huge thing right now. get on board that action.


Excellent idea to get user interactivity and repeat subscriptions.


Overall the site delivers excellent high quality content for a very good price. The payment methods are a good incentive too. Phone billing is good for people with no credit card and online checks are making a big comeback. The multiple tiered pricing is also a good thing for people who may or may not want to be a member for such and such a length of time.

The members section is very well designed without the flashy nonsense that you see in some of the super sites of today. The object is to deliver content, not page after page of nothing. Granted, pink is not my favorite color, but it is far from annoying and fits nicely with the design of the site.

The picture page is well laid out and there is no need to hunt for pictures through a layer of links and other things. The one con for the pics is that each gallery opens in a new window by default, which could annoy some users. An easy enough fix to be sure, but just thought it was worth mentioning.

The video section is very well laid out as well with simple large thumbnails and a title. Again, there is no need to go though page after page of nonsense to find the video, it is right there.

The store is a good idea. It is a awesome way to keep users coming back and, if they buy the panties available, it is a memoir of the site and they will be sure to return often and most likely refer.

The artistic submission part of the site is also a good idea to connect you to your users. It shows you care for the users who pay money to see you and that you look at what they send you as gifts.

Wonderful site and I highly recommend it to everyone

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