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Posted on September 15th, 2008

i decided that I will not have a genre or niche based blog.  I will simply write what comes to mind and if it happens to be in favor of someone, so be it.

I closed the loophole that allowed the hackers who kept deleting in.  I think it is pathetic that people would do that because of some ungrateful bitch, but hey, who am I in the end to complain right?

I have pics of My Kids, My Wife and Various Junk.  I will put up more whenever i feel the need to and if i choose not to, then I guess it will just be them won’t it?

I have a Code section, Writing and Links.  Empty as of yet, but they will be filled as time goes on I suppose.  I am not too inspired this morning, feeling kind of sick to be honest.  My wonderful oldest got some kind of crud at school on Friday and brought it home to ferment over the weekend.

Oh yeah, i have decided I really like Twitter.  If you want to read my crap or follow me, it is here.

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