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Stuff, I guess?

Posted on September 23rd, 2008

So i updated again.  I made a Reviews Page and my first victim, I mean, lucky reviewed is Miss Rio BBW.  I do it as a favor to Ladies I appreciate and all are welcome to ask for one.  No guarantees on it, but hey, asking hurt who in the end anyway?

The day is interminably long and I have no respite for it.  I am talking to a wonderful woman and that is fine, but if she leaves, then God help the Internet.

Other than that, not a damn thing.  Literally.


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Posted on September 22nd, 2008

it was a nice and relaxing weekend for the most part.  We had a few remnants of the nasty sick still hovering about, but for the most part we were pretty good.

Saturday was a nothing day.  We sat around and I pretended to watch College Football and actually played with my kids and relaxed with my wife.  It was a good time to be had and very nice and peaceful.

Sunday was almost the same except Naomi ran to the store and picked up a pregnancy test.  Which, in our case is a good thing because we desperately want more children and have been trying, vigorously, *grins*, to get that accomplished.  Not lucky this time but with us going like bunnies, it won’t be very long now I guarantee you.

Watched some football, ate some chips, played with my kids and then did battle with MySpace for a little while.  My profile on there is free and open to friends if any are interested.  I added a few links to the the sidebar, I have about a hundred more I want to add, just have to figure out an organization to all of them.

Did some DeviantArt stuff after that, had a wonderful conversation or two and finally went to bed, after first making sure that I properly gave it my all to impregnate the wife of course.

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Is it Dead?

Posted on September 20th, 2008

Chivalry that is.

I need to know, I have been trying and trying and no matter what I do it seems that the long beloved tradition is no more important in this day and age as is a CD you can no longer write to.

It isn’t as if people don’t want doors held open, roses given to them and sweet poems written for them.  Far from it, they want and appreciate those things now more than ever.  However, the people I am referring to that want these things feel that it is almost an extension of the relationship parameters.  Expected things to make them happy.

Since when was sitting and slaving, and screw you if you laugh, over a poem for three hours something that I had to do in order to prove my worth and love for a person?  When did it start to be ok to yell at me if I didn’t bring you roses every time I left and then came back?

My mother, bless her, was a woman who taught me things that i will never forget.  She taught me that you always, under all circumstances, treat a woman with the respect and dignity that she deserves.  I of course asked , my eyes bright with attention, how one knows how much respect a woman deserves.  My mother laughed and patted me on the head and simply told me to give what I get.

My father, bless him if you will, was a man from a different book.  A woman was the giver of life, the nurturer of children and the lover to whom you cling to when you need compassion.  You treat her like a Goddess he said to me.

My entire life I have done both these things.  I have treated women like the Goddesses they are and have shown them every ounce of respect that they have shown me, and often a great deal more.

Now, as my life starts to move into it’s, I don’t know, refined years if you will, I find myself looking back at this line of thought and questioning it.

I married the same woman three times as a teenager because my heart sang when she was near me.  I gave up everything for her and went down paths I will not speak of in the light of the morning sun just to make her happy.  What did I get out of this?

A divorce the first time.  The second time she ran over me with our Buick and the third time she put a knife blade into my shoulder so deep the tip is still in there somewhere.

All for love.

Naomi, my sweet and wonderful wife understands all of this and when i write to her, give to her and do for her, she appreciates it in a way i was always taught was the way you should appreciate things like that.

Am I old fashioned?

Should it be mandatory for these things to be done or is it still ok to be spontaneous?

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Not A God Damned Thing

Posted on September 19th, 2008


I have been sitting here all day doing nothing but playing games over at Kongregate.  Have the oldest home today so I am spending some time with him.  The little guy is sitting in the room watching the Food Network, don’t ask, he loves it.

I haven’t made a page, constructed anything, even really thought all that hard if truth need be told.

Behave yourselves and I will be around this weekend, maybe post maybe not.

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Posted on September 18th, 2008

I think I am on the road to recovery, my brain is telling me all is well, even if my body isn’t quite up to speed.  The babies are both feeling better and even Naomi, who caught it last, is at least able to go back to work, which i assure you makes her a very happy woman.

You will notice, if you take a minute, that I have updated the Naughty Nixx page.  I must also point out that i am more than willing to let people sign up here and post their own content.  After all, if I don’t like it, well, it’s good to be the king you know what I mean?

Any model who wants their own page is more than free to shoot me a message and tell me they want one and what they want on it.  I am rather lax in that regard because my host has absolutely no care about the content on my site, as long as it is legal.

In other news, I have decided that I really should have been using Twitter for the last few years.  it makes certain things so much easier.

Not much else to say really, the day has just begun.

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Sick, The Second Day

Posted on September 17th, 2008

It is a hell of  day here in my household.  Now the kids are feeling better but Naomi and I are drained.  I made her stay home today, not because I wanted help with myself or with Connor, but because I love her and was concerned that the two hour commute each way would be all kinds of nasty on her.

I update the Forums page, as well as thinking about how I will advertise the Ladies I choose to advertise.  I am thinking of giving them their own page, as seen here with the beginning of Kaylee Kurves page, as opposed to individual posts as I have done before.  Any thoughts on that?

I am kind of wiped so I think that is about that.

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Posted on September 16th, 2008

What is it about the diseases that children bring home from school that make them so incredibly evil?  Are they some sort of revenge on parents?  Is there truly a DNA altering ooze under the streets of our cities?  Or have our bodies honestly forgotten what it was like to have a immune system.

I can barely walk, talk, breathe or even think.  My muscles are all tender and sore, my throat is on fire and the sneezes that are coming out of me could shatter steel like I think they are ripping apart my chest.

I kept the older one home today, not because he is particularly all that ill, but because I honestly didn’t think I could make up back up the three flights of stairs to the apartment.

To compound everything, my baby boy was up all night.  i went to bed around nine because my brain shut down and Naomi woke me up around one to take my turn.  I nodded to her, kissed her heair and came out to the horror that awaited me.

His fever was so high he threw up all over the floor.  With his disabilities, he is still only on the bottle at three, so you can imagine the pleaseant odor I was surrounded by.

I held and rocked him for the next five hours and finally, as the day began for the rest of my brood, he drifted off to sleep with a little less of a fever and a little bit of a smile.

Naomi, bless her little pointed head, had to go i9nto work today because of her companies assinine view of taking sick time.  Evidently you have to ask if it is ok if you don’t come in, not say that you see three of the bus you have to ride on for three hours and tell them you’re not.

I talked to her about five minutes ago and she is going to see is she can wrangle a ride home around noon, she and I both doubt she will be able to.  I tell you now though, if she is as bad as she was this morning tomorrow, she is staying home if I have to steal her shoes.

Alright Ladies and Gentleman, check the sites for the updates I have done, especially in the Links page.

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My Way

Posted on September 15th, 2008

i decided that I will not have a genre or niche based blog.  I will simply write what comes to mind and if it happens to be in favor of someone, so be it.

I closed the loophole that allowed the hackers who kept deleting in.  I think it is pathetic that people would do that because of some ungrateful bitch, but hey, who am I in the end to complain right?

I have pics of My Kids, My Wife and Various Junk.  I will put up more whenever i feel the need to and if i choose not to, then I guess it will just be them won’t it?

I have a Code section, Writing and Links.  Empty as of yet, but they will be filled as time goes on I suppose.  I am not too inspired this morning, feeling kind of sick to be honest.  My wonderful oldest got some kind of crud at school on Friday and brought it home to ferment over the weekend.

Oh yeah, i have decided I really like Twitter.  If you want to read my crap or follow me, it is here.

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