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Relaxation….And Upcoming Sweaty Sex

Posted on September 25th, 2008

I spent the entirety of yesterday chatting with a dear friend and reading a book.  Although I was polite and did not do both at the same time.  That would have just been rude right?

The book, The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop is a masterwork of fantasy and the very beginnings of the story which will become her world famous Black Jewels Trilogy.  (And yes, I wrote that and didn’t copy it from the inside of a book or anything, so nyar!)

I am upset at my wife because the above mentioned Trilogy is at work with her and I really want to read it, now dammit.  I will be alright I suppose, deep breaths, lots of liquor to mask the disappointment, you know how it is.

The wife and I are going out next weekend for our annual “get the hell away from the kids for a few days” trip.  We will stay at the fancy hotel downtown, have lots of noisy, sweaty, dirty sex for Operation Baby, and come back refreshed for the next year.  Mind you, we also kind of celebrate both our birthdays, our anniversary and how much we love one another at the same time.

I posted a review for Naughty Nixx in the Reviews section, she is dynamite, go and see her, now.  I hope more people will let me do reviews for them, I am both fair and even handed, plus, I post them just about everywhere I go, which gives them that much more exposure.

For now, I will sit and listen to Adam Sandler sing, pout about not having my book and not drink the yummy Scotch.

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Is it Dead?

Posted on September 20th, 2008

Chivalry that is.

I need to know, I have been trying and trying and no matter what I do it seems that the long beloved tradition is no more important in this day and age as is a CD you can no longer write to.

It isn’t as if people don’t want doors held open, roses given to them and sweet poems written for them.  Far from it, they want and appreciate those things now more than ever.  However, the people I am referring to that want these things feel that it is almost an extension of the relationship parameters.  Expected things to make them happy.

Since when was sitting and slaving, and screw you if you laugh, over a poem for three hours something that I had to do in order to prove my worth and love for a person?  When did it start to be ok to yell at me if I didn’t bring you roses every time I left and then came back?

My mother, bless her, was a woman who taught me things that i will never forget.  She taught me that you always, under all circumstances, treat a woman with the respect and dignity that she deserves.  I of course asked , my eyes bright with attention, how one knows how much respect a woman deserves.  My mother laughed and patted me on the head and simply told me to give what I get.

My father, bless him if you will, was a man from a different book.  A woman was the giver of life, the nurturer of children and the lover to whom you cling to when you need compassion.  You treat her like a Goddess he said to me.

My entire life I have done both these things.  I have treated women like the Goddesses they are and have shown them every ounce of respect that they have shown me, and often a great deal more.

Now, as my life starts to move into it’s, I don’t know, refined years if you will, I find myself looking back at this line of thought and questioning it.

I married the same woman three times as a teenager because my heart sang when she was near me.  I gave up everything for her and went down paths I will not speak of in the light of the morning sun just to make her happy.  What did I get out of this?

A divorce the first time.  The second time she ran over me with our Buick and the third time she put a knife blade into my shoulder so deep the tip is still in there somewhere.

All for love.

Naomi, my sweet and wonderful wife understands all of this and when i write to her, give to her and do for her, she appreciates it in a way i was always taught was the way you should appreciate things like that.

Am I old fashioned?

Should it be mandatory for these things to be done or is it still ok to be spontaneous?

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