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Posted on September 22nd, 2008

it was a nice and relaxing weekend for the most part.  We had a few remnants of the nasty sick still hovering about, but for the most part we were pretty good.

Saturday was a nothing day.  We sat around and I pretended to watch College Football and actually played with my kids and relaxed with my wife.  It was a good time to be had and very nice and peaceful.

Sunday was almost the same except Naomi ran to the store and picked up a pregnancy test.  Which, in our case is a good thing because we desperately want more children and have been trying, vigorously, *grins*, to get that accomplished.  Not lucky this time but with us going like bunnies, it won’t be very long now I guarantee you.

Watched some football, ate some chips, played with my kids and then did battle with MySpace for a little while.  My profile on there is free and open to friends if any are interested.  I added a few links to the the sidebar, I have about a hundred more I want to add, just have to figure out an organization to all of them.

Did some DeviantArt stuff after that, had a wonderful conversation or two and finally went to bed, after first making sure that I properly gave it my all to impregnate the wife of course.

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Not A God Damned Thing

Posted on September 19th, 2008


I have been sitting here all day doing nothing but playing games over at Kongregate.  Have the oldest home today so I am spending some time with him.  The little guy is sitting in the room watching the Food Network, don’t ask, he loves it.

I haven’t made a page, constructed anything, even really thought all that hard if truth need be told.

Behave yourselves and I will be around this weekend, maybe post maybe not.

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Sick, The Second Day

Posted on September 17th, 2008

It is a hell of  day here in my household.  Now the kids are feeling better but Naomi and I are drained.  I made her stay home today, not because I wanted help with myself or with Connor, but because I love her and was concerned that the two hour commute each way would be all kinds of nasty on her.

I update the Forums page, as well as thinking about how I will advertise the Ladies I choose to advertise.  I am thinking of giving them their own page, as seen here with the beginning of Kaylee Kurves page, as opposed to individual posts as I have done before.  Any thoughts on that?

I am kind of wiped so I think that is about that.

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