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My apologies for this, but since my blog crapped out the other day, I am going to repost an earlier thing I did, however, I am completely rewriting it, so do not let the title fool you if you would be so kind.
When people hear the tern BBW, one of two things go [...]

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Relaxing At Last

I suppose the hardest part of my day was the end of it. Not the work that I had to do, but to leave it all behind at the office and just relax. I had never been one to sit and do nothing, but this new internship had been draining every ounce of [...]

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Kelly Shibari

If you love Asian women, big breasts, Big Beautiful Women and a woman who can kick your ass at a game of Jeopardy, well then my friends you have just hit the mother load.
Kelly Shibari is one of the most gorgeous women in the Adult Entertainment Industry.  She is a sensual woman with every possible [...]

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Already today I have heard a great many people that I know bitch and complain about the erotica that I have started adding to my journal.  They have told me how lewd it is, they have commented on the fact children may see it and even told me that I was just trying for a [...]

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Closing the door, Francois left the bitter cold of the Montreal winter behind him and was embraced by the warm, nearly tropical air of the club.  He breathed deeply and every herb that man smoked entered his nose in one solid stream and he smiled softly as he made his way to the back of [...]

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It Started So Innocently…. Part 1

This is one of my earliest moments in writing erotica, it is rather poorly written and gets to the point rather quickly.  I ask your forgiveness and know that I did indeed get better.
It all started enough innocently enough. I was up late one night and I was going through the sites looking for some [...]

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