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January 30th, 2009 | 2 Comments | Posted in Rant

Already today I have heard a great many people that I know bitch and complain about the erotica that I have started adding to my journal.  They have told me how lewd it is, they have commented on the fact children may see it and even told me that I was just trying for a and I quote here, “shock and awe factor”.

Let me calmly and politely dress these issues with you now.

Firstly, it is erotica, it is supposed to be lewd.  Anyone who has known me more than about a week realizes I am a lewd, crude, uncouth man.  Oh yes, I can be dashing and charming, I am a poet and a philosopher, but I am a crass man witht he mind of a early teenage boy who likes big tits and dick jokes.

Secondly, Why should I care a tenth of a damn if children see my website?  I am not distributing horse porn nor vindicating the overthrow of the Government by a neo-nazi led faction.  I am writing adult literature.  If they like it, hey, more power to them, maybe your Victorian era parenting has failed and they have come into their own sense of self.  I do not write it for or about children nor do I advertise it to them, the rest, as they say, is it.

Shock and awe?  If I were going for shock and awe I would reveal deep, dark secrets about all of you who are currently complaining about this.  I would introduce mistresses to wives, boyfriends to husbands and make sure people knew where exactly on the computer to look for things.

I will write what I wish, when I wish to write it, for the the reasons I desire to write it.  If and when choose to stop writing, on that day i shall.  Not before, and especially not based on ramblings from the Internet.

Thank you and have a wonderful winter afternoon and a great weekend.

Have a Nice Day!

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2 Thoughts to “Critique”

  1. Lyss Says:

    <3 Buddy Christ.
    And you, of course.

  2. Kaobear Says:

    And I you Sweetheart.

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