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Relaxing At Last

January 31st, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Erotica

I suppose the hardest part of my day was the end of it. Not the work that I had to do, but to leave it all behind at the office and just relax. I had never been one to sit and do nothing, but this new internship had been draining every ounce of my energy from day one. I was out the door before six in the morning and home sometimes after midnight. I had no time for a social life, and even when I did get time off, I was so exhausted I slept.

It had been yet another killer week at the office and I was just slipping my shoes off when the phone ring. I knew it was work because having just moved here they were the only ones who had the number to my condo.

I answered and listened to the voice on the other end tell me that since I was low man on the totem pole and wanted the position so bad, I got to come in a cover the late shift at the office with only one other person there to help me. Some woman named Elizabeth that I had never heard of.

I shook my head as I hung up the phone and drove all the way back to the office. I suppose the lack of traffic should have given me a smile, but I was so tired I could care less about it. I pulled into the deserted parking lot and walked into the office for twelve hours of monotony.

I walked into the Operations Center and sat down at my desk. I saw a purse on the desk opposite me and was glad that at least the help I was promised was actually in the building, if not at her desk.

“Sir?” The voice sounded as tired as mine and twice as exasperated. “Sir, my name is Elizabeth and I guess we are partners for the evening.”

I dropped all the fatigue from my mind and turned around to say hello. After all, a man without manners is not a man at all as my father would say.

I turned with a smile and sat there like an idiot as I saw her. She was a probably about five feet, ten inches tall with raven black hair that cascaded down her back like a wave until it stopped just before her ankles. Her lips were full and pouty and moist from the lipstick she wore. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of violet I had ever seen.

After a second of being rude, I introduced myself.

“Please, the name is Rick, my father is a Sir, not me.” he had hoped for, and received a smile for the lame joke he had just told. “I have never worked the night shift, what do we have to look forward to?”

Elizabeth smiled again, her tongue darting over her teeth before she spoke. “I have worked night shift here for three years and have answered the phone twice in all that time. I suppose that is why I am confused as to why you are here. It isn’t exactly busy.”

My anger was dissuaded by the melodic tone of her voice, it was so relaxing to listen to.

“I assume it is because I am the new guy, or maybe they just don’t like me.” I smiled again and sat down in my chair, loosening my tie and cracking my knuckles.

She laughed then, a soft and sensuous sound that seemed to both echo and be directed at me at the same time.

“Well now, maybe it is me they don’t like, sticking me with the new guy.” Her voice held laughter in in and I noticed when she spoke she constantly moved her hands over the long red skirt she was wearing, constantly smoothing it over and over again.

I laughed loudly. “Well, maybe it is a bit of both, please sit down and we can talk, seeing as we don’t seem to have much work to do.”

She and I sat for hours and talked about a variety of things. From the latest company gossip to where we liked to eat. Inevitably, as most conversations tend to do, it somehow ended up at sex. We spoke very candidly about what we liked and did not and she finally just stopped talking.

“I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have been talking about that at all, it was inappropriate.” My voice was angry, at myself, I knew better than to do stupid things like that at work.

She shook her head and smiled in a sad way. “No, it is not that. I work nights, I can’t remember the last time I got….The last time I was with a man. The club scene is not exactly pumping at noon.”

Before I could help myself my brain just launched. “Really, an absolutely beautiful woman like you has no one to wrap their arms around when you get home?”

She looked at me and stood up, her arms spread. “I am not one of those thin girls Rick. I love myself, but that doesn’t mean anything to the men I seem to be attracted to.”

I looked at her as she stood. She was gorgeous. She was a creature that I could stare at for hours. She had full breasts that sat high on her chest, he didn’t know bra sizes that well but they were bigger than any woman he had ever been with. She had delicious curves at her hips and a stomach he could kiss for hours, it looked so soft and wonderful. Her legs were thick and he imagined them wrapped around him.

I didn’t talk as I stood. I just stood an walked to her, her arms still at her side. I moved towards her and hugged her. Her arms, timid at first, wrapped around me as mine did her. I felt the fullness of her, the perfection and I just couldn’t help myself. My erection grew rather quickly and she started as she felt the hardness of it against her.

“Sorry, it tends to do that when I am embracing a gorgeous woman.” I could not apologize, how could I apologize for reacting to her?

“It’s alright Rick, it’s very nice.” Her hands moved from around my shoulders and slowly slid down the front of me until they were in front of my crotch, she pressed softly into the pants and felt the length, unyielding under the material.

I swallowed a bit and ran my hands down her back, my fingers light on her skin as I touched her. Her eyes closed and my hands moved slowly down and cupped her buttocks, my fingers pressing into the soft flesh, her soft moan telling me I was doing no wrong.

I moved the two of us forward, finally having her sit on the desk behind her as my hands continued to roam her body, now sliding down the nap of her neck and the tops of her breasts. She whimpered as I touched them and I kissed the top of each of them lightly, my mouth landing like a butterfly on her skin.

I bent my knees and slowly moved down her body, my mouth kissing over the material of her clothes, my hands sliding down her thighs to her knees.

I looked up at her and she nodded slightly, her face a mask of pleasure as I slowly spread her legs apart and ran my fingertips over her inner thigh. She was wearing a black pair of panties, soft and silky and warm to the touch as my fingers found the center of her thighs.

She looked down at me, her breathing faster. “Please, don’t stop.” I nodded and lifted her slightly, my fingers sliding under her buttocks and pulling the panties down her thighs quickly. The musky heaven of her hit my nose and my mouth began to water.

I pulled her panties down farther and spread her legs until I could press my face into her core. At first only smelling the heavenly scent, taking it all in as my eyes looked over her hairless mound and thick pink lips.

I kissed the lips ever so softly and felt her jerk under my ministrations. Her hands went to my hair and ran through them softly. I pressed my mouth fully onto their wonderful center and slid my tongue into her, tasting the dew that was forming and licking softly at the nub of flesh in it’s center.

Her hands were more incessant now, pressing my face into her. I was more than happy to oblige and slid my tongue into her as far as I could make it go. A moan and cry erupted above me and I began to slide my tongue into her quicker, tasting every corner of her sweet love. My fingers ran up her legs and found the opening my tongue was still busily working. I inserted a finger and she cried out, clenching my hair now as I softly fingered her while my tongue flicked the hard nub of her clitoris over and over again.

I felt her start to shake and her moisture grow. I knew it was coming and locked my mouth over her clitoris and pressed my finger to the core of her. Her gs closed around my head, squeezing as a shriek erupted and her tightness grew evermore. My mouth greedily drinking the fluids that now poured from her in a torrent.

After a moment her hands relaxed in my hair and her thighs relaxed their vice-like pressure. I moved my head away and kissed each thigh softly before sitting on my feet and looking up at her, my sweet goddess.

She looked down at me with a smile and a look of mild euphoria. “I will talk to Suzanne tomorrow and tell her we need more help at night.”

I smiled and told her that I would make breakfast if she would start the coffee in the morning.

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