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Kit - Part 2

February 2nd, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Erotica

The blood was leaking from her face now, the puddle on the piece of driftwood she lay upon grew larger with each passing minute. The smell of fear, blood and sweat mingled with the oceans scent as it pounded nearby. The surf slamming the rocky beach over and over as it had done for millions of years, and would continue to do for an infinite amount more. She was here as well, and he, their game had just truly began.

She was barely awake, her face swollen and her eyes opening and closing shut spasmodically with the pain of everything that was happening to her. He stood there, his knife loose in his right hand and his left hand slowly entering and exiting her womanhood. His mind seemed pensive as he did such, as if he was making a decision. Albeit involuntarily, she was slowly lubricating for him just like he knew she would in time. He decided to add another finger to the two already inside of her. The swollen labia and clitoris protested as he did this and he smiled, such obstacles could be overcome with time and a great deal of attention.

She looked at him with a glance of pure hatred and it made him smile. Didn’t she realize that he was doing this all for her? That he was saving her from a lifetime of men who would discard her at the slightest thoughts of denial? He removed his fingers and licked them slowly, like one would a Popsicle, the taste of her and the freshness of the blood made him want her even more than he already did, if that was even possible. He closed a final decision making loop in his mind and moved forward with what he now considered an interview.

He placed the knife blade between his teeth as he slowly pulled the denim blue jeans he wore down past his knees and with them the boxer shorts. His penis was afire now, the veins in it throbbed like the engine of a high performance car at the starting line and the ache from it was slowly building, reaching more than just his genitalia.

He placed the knife back in his hands and moved her head with his free hand, when he spoke his voice was calm and very distinct. “What I do now I do for you. You will come to understand all of this in time, that I promise” He raised his hips to match the height of her sex and lowered it carefully. The circumcised head of his penis sat neatly inside the folds of her labia for a brief moment before he pressed into her, a long and continuous push, filling her with his cock and making her scream as he pushed onward, despite any pain or suffering she may be experiencing. All the factors had to be taken into consideration. He pulled out slowly and looked at her a moment, her eyes wet with tears, unsaid scorn and terror on her lips.

Next he needed to test her limits of fear. He held the knife to her throat as he violated her, his cock swelling inside her now bleeding womanhood, the blood allowing a smoother ride for his penis than the dry vaginal walls had before. He sliced her softly against the skin and watched the blood flow as his pace increased and her voice finally found the air and the will to power screams that nearly matched that of the ocean they used as a backdrop.

Now he needed his personal release, his mind ever careful to leave not the endgame. He pressed the knife between his teeth once again and used both hands to grope her heavenly breasts. He pulled the nipple hard away from the breasts and heard her cry out as he twisted them and abused them in all the ways that he knew how. He bent over, his hands pinning hers to the side lest she try to hit him, still thrusting in and out of her, and took the nipples, one by one into his mouth. He bit down as hard as he dare and allowed the blood to flow from the fresh wounds.

He leaned back now, his face sweating profusely and his hips moving like the wind as he prepared to mark her for an incredibly deep and evil trip that she would soon discover.

He shot his semen deep into her and she screamed as he did, most likely amidst fears of pregnancy and what not. She would have no worries of that, he would make sure that all was well in that arena, there were methods after all. The slimy fluid leaked out of her, his hips still pushing his slightly limp penis into and out of her, smearing the fluid across his hips as well as her thighs.

He reached into his back jeans pocket and pulled out the tiny syringe that he carried for just this purpose. Jamming it into the meaty part of her thigh, she had run out of terror for one evening and made not a single noise as he did so. It was a fast acting narcotic and soon she lay limp on the driftwood, seemingly dead to those who did not know what was to be looked for in the body.

He cleaned his mess up from where he was. Carefully disposing of the woman’s clothes in a burn barrel along with the wood he had so savagely taking her upon. He smiled as he saw her sketchbook and pencil, he kept them for the time being, they would serve many a purpose as time passed on with them. The gas can was there from he had placed it earlier in the evening, his final goal not yet known, only vague hopes.

He carried her limp body back to his waiting car as one would a friend who had too much to drink in a single evening. He wiped the sand clean with his feet as he walked, picking up his shoes and socks as he made his way forward. He placed her into the front seat of the car, absolutely confident that she would go nowhere as he finished his work.

He walked briskly back to the scene and gathered all the dry wood he could find, casting it into the barrel. he carefully picked all the blood from the ground that had been smeared with fluids of any kind and placed them in there as well. He lit a match from a book in his pocket and flipped it into the barrel, the fire exploded into life, the flames threatening to escape their bonds and take everything with them

He walked back to his car now, the pace slowly and determined, the chance of tracing any of this impossible. He sat in the drivers seat of the car and lit a long clove that he had especially imported. The first inhalation of the sweet smoke made him smile as he drove away, all that was left of the woman now beside him was the saddened expression the moon seem to wear as they vanished into the night

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