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Kit - Part 1

February 1st, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Erotica

Never had he been able to understand why he had been given the tasks he had, but he understood that he would fulfill the duties required of him without thought of consequence. He knew that what he did was a dangerous game and should one of the uninitiated ever find out exactly what he was doing, then there would be questions to which the answers he gave would never give satisfaction.

He was still reliving the wonder of it all when he saw her. Her hair was long and shining against the waning light of the moon and even from where he stood, he saw that her breasts were deliciously large and pendulous in their heft. She seemed to be drawing or sketching, a pad of paper and a pencil in her hands as she looked off into the distance where the waves crashed and the moon shone bright.

He approached a little closer and saw that her bottom was so tight a quarter would have bounced a goodly distance off it. He lips started to quiver and his mouth started to salivate and his cock grew to an iron hardness. His fingers moved softly over the knife he always carried with him on nights such as this and he knew what had to be done.

He slipped his feet out of his shoes as he watched her move down the beach, oblivious to anything save the waves and the moonlight shining down upon her like the gaze of a caring father. He removed his socks so that they would not betray his footfalls and slowly began his movements towards this young lady of his most keen attentions.

He slipped the knife from the belt loop he kept it safely tucked away in normally and sped up, the distance between the two of them closing quickly. He waited for the next wave to roar in and crash until he made his move. He slipped the knife around her neck and moved backwards slowly, her feet dragging and trying hard not to move with him. The knife started most of her efforts to resist however.

He never even saw her head move as she slammed her skull backward into his nose. The pain exploded in a sea of crimson and liquid, his sinuses screamed in agony, and yet he was still able to hold the knife to her throat and keep her from moving. He pressed the blade into her skin and allowed a thin line of her blood to seep from the fresh cut before he spoke, his voice guttural and full of years of compressed rage.

“If you move again, I will leave parts of you on this beach that even the birds and the bugs will never be able to find.” To emphasize his point he pressed the knife into the throat of the young lady.

He didn’t see her move again as she slammed the pencil she still held into the top of his foot, the movement into his foot making a sickening crunch as the graphite shaft slammed into the bone. Blood squirted with the pressure of the blow and he nearly lost his grip over her as she began to squirm away. He temporarily ignored the pain and squeezed her throat with his free hand, the pressure like a vise closing tighter and tighter over the airway of his victim.

He knew that at this point the blood was slowing to her brain, the air was being cut off and circles that were not really there danced before her eyes as she drifted into the final stages of consciousness. He laughed and released his choke hold on his newly found delight. He wouldn’t let her get off that easy. He had a few issues that he was going to take out on her.

She was barely breathing now, her eyes swimming and fighting to stay open as he picked her up and easily threw her over his broad shoulders and made his way to the spot on the under the boardwalk he had picked for the others before her. It was close to the water and the near constant roar of the waves would easily wash away any noise she decided to make in her struggling and futile defense.

He laid her out on a huge piece of driftwood and cut the clothes off from head to toe in a slow motion. His hands traced the knife down her skin, leaving barely a millimeter between the knife and her perfectly white flesh. Her breasts fell from their vanished keepers, falling about her chest in two mounds of ivory, creamed flesh. Her body was divine to look at and he was sure it would be even more wonderful to violate it. With difficulty, his eyes left the two peaks of her chest and travelled down her full body, noticing the hips that would sway as she walked and her wonderful ass that fit like a final puzzle piece to the rest of her body.

He used both hands and flipped the woman over, actually taking care not allow the wood of the driftwood to mar the perfection that they now had laying atop them. His hands travelled over the half moons of her buttocks, his lips twisted in a smile as he noticed the firmness of it. She was coming slowly back to the land of the waking and he decided to greet her in a proper way.

Moving her so that her ass was facing his aching manhood, he quickly licked two of his fingers for ease of entry and shoved them as hard as he could thrust up her, feeling her body shudder with pain as she had been unprepared for such an assault and her body had not lubricated the opening. He worked them in and out once or twice. The lubrication from his own spit and a little of her involuntary wetness allowed him to finger his new little pet well and good.

She woke up to his fingers thrusting in and out of her like such. He could see as she turned her head to the side that the tears had already started to fall from her eyes. He looked again and saw her weep silently and close her eyes, starting to suck herself into a shell. That wouldn’t do at all now would it?

He took a moment to say a silent prayer of forgiveness to himself for having to damage his new gift. To leave a mark on such a creature was a sin in itself, however, all creatures need learn respect for their Keepers. He drew back his had and came down repeatedly into the sides of her turned face, the knuckles slamming into the sides of her skull, leaving what he knew would be a future bruise with every single stroke. He let the fist relax into an open hand and smacked her, changing the side of the face he used as he made sure she was wide awake and back with him.

“No, No. You will not slip into your little happy place and wait for me to be done. That is what those young ladies taught you how to do at the community center when they told you about people like me didn’t they? Turn your head away from him and slip to a deep place, he will finish with you quicker if you are not fighting him. If I can’t see and feel you awake and aware, then why would I bother to stop anything and allow you to live? No, you either stay with me or I will make the end of your life as brutal as they come”

Mind you, she didn’t know what was to come. If she did, she would be screaming no matter what he said to her.

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