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Kit - Part 3

Kit shakes her head weakly, cobwebs still clinging to her mind. The abrupt movement causes a surge of nausea that makes her wish she could sink back into the blissful darkness as she comes to fully waking. A small whimper slips from her lips as she sits up and examines her surroundings; every fibre of [...]

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Something New For Both Of Them

The morning sun was low and still dim as they arrived at Rick’s condo. Their minds were still wrapping about what had just happened, what was possibly about to happen, and what it meant for the future of both of them. Neither of them were exactly the one-night stand type, so they both [...]

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Kit - Part 2

The blood was leaking from her face now, the puddle on the piece of driftwood she lay upon grew larger with each passing minute. The smell of fear, blood and sweat mingled with the oceans scent as it pounded nearby. The surf slamming the rocky beach over and over as it had done for millions [...]

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Kit - Part 1

Never had he been able to understand why he had been given the tasks he had, but he understood that he would fulfill the duties required of him without thought of consequence. He knew that what he did was a dangerous game and should one of the uninitiated ever find out exactly what he was [...]

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Relaxing At Last

I suppose the hardest part of my day was the end of it. Not the work that I had to do, but to leave it all behind at the office and just relax. I had never been one to sit and do nothing, but this new internship had been draining every ounce of [...]

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Closing the door, Francois left the bitter cold of the Montreal winter behind him and was embraced by the warm, nearly tropical air of the club.  He breathed deeply and every herb that man smoked entered his nose in one solid stream and he smiled softly as he made his way to the back of [...]

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It Started So Innocently…. Part 1

This is one of my earliest moments in writing erotica, it is rather poorly written and gets to the point rather quickly.  I ask your forgiveness and know that I did indeed get better.
It all started enough innocently enough. I was up late one night and I was going through the sites looking for some [...]

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