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It Started So Innocently…. Part 1

January 29th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Erotica

This is one of my earliest moments in writing erotica, it is rather poorly written and gets to the point rather quickly.  I ask your forgiveness and know that I did indeed get better.

It all started enough innocently enough. I was up late one night and I was going through the sites looking for some nice porn sites because I wanted a nice jerk before I went to bed that night. I went into a forum about BBW’s. I had had a fetish about Big Beautiful Women for more years than I could remember. I looked at two or three of these gorgeous women and was instantly hooked on the entire thing. I went there hour after hour looking for pictures of these big sexy goddesses and kept finding more and more and more.

Of course, over time I spoke with them via responding to their posts and PM’ing a few of them. One in particular had made me hot since the beginning of my trips there. She had everything I wanted and I jerked to her pictures more than anyone else is combined. Everything she posted made me hard as a rock. She posted everything from pictures of her nipple ring to her playing with her clit. I PM’ed her one night and surprisingly enough we hit it off right away. We played a little. Flirting here and there and then this led to that. Mother of God. It went on for three solid hours. I must have cum three dozen times and went to bed that night still jerking it.

This happened dozens of times over the next few months. One day, I asked her if it was possible we took it to the real world. She lived in the Southeast and I was in the Midwest so it wasn’t all that far for me to go. We worked out the details for three weeks and finally one day, she just came online and said “Get your ass down here and fuck me”. Needless to say, I was on the next plane to the Deep South. We agreed that she would were a soft summer dress with a red rose in her hair so I would recognize her instantly and we could get down to the real reasons I was there.

I saw her instantly when I came out of the concourse. She was perfection. The light hit just right and I could tell she was naked under her dress and ready to go to work. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She looked disappointed, but I whispered in her ear that if I did what I wanted to, I would be arrested on the spot. She smiled a sweet smiled and hurried me to her car. As soon as we got in her car, her hands went to my pants and let out my cock. I was hard and ready for her and she swallowed me whole without any delay at all. I damn near screamed as I felt the muscles in the back of her throat milk my cock for all that it was worth. I had my hands in her hair pressing her head even farther onto my cock. She swirled her tongue around my cock and I grabbed her hair and pulled her up and slammed her face into my cock over and over face fucking her. When my cock wasn’t in her mouth, I could hear her moan. She suddenly sat up, kissed me quick and slammed the car in reverse. “We need to get somewhere a little bigger” she said with a smile that was as innocent as anything.

We had been driving for about ten minutes when she pulled into a series of driveways and finally stopped in front of a rather isolated house in the middle of a rather large subdivision. We got out of the car and she practically carried out of the car and was pulling her nipple ring as she fished for the keys to get the door open. Finally, she got them out and opened the door and we both got in and then the fun really began.

She threw her purse onto a chair and wrapped her gorgeous self around me and practically melted into my arms. I lifted her, (I am a big guy, 6’8”, 290), and carried her to what I had pinpointed as the bedroom.

I stood her up and ripped the dress she was wearing of her and pushed her back onto the bed. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and my cock instantly sprang to life seeing that. I quickly tore what I was wearing off and got on my knees on the side of the bed and started the kissing at her feet. I kissed and nibbled my way up to about her knee when I noticed she was slowly fingering herself.

“No, No….None of that” I took her hands and locked them in the handcuffs she had told me were attached to the head of her bed. She smiled an evil little grin and I went back to my work. Nipping and sucking up her leg to her inner thigh I began to hear a low moan and her hands wiggling in the cuffs.

I saw her hairless cunt and nearly blew it right there. It was so perfect. A clit ring was shining in the juices and that was all I needed. I dove into her cunt and licked it once, right from the bottom, near her asshole to the top of those pouty sweet lips.

I licked all around it, dove my tongue and with it pulled her clit ring which made her scream. I tongue fucked her sweet twat until she was squirting so much my face was covered with her sweet cum.

I lapped it up like a cat with cream and licked her dry. I kissed all over her thighs and onto her cunt lips. Spread them gently and just pressed my tongue as far in as it would go. I didn’t do anything else, just held my tongue in it. She was screaming at it and I smiled as much as I could with a mouth of twat.

Finally, I let my tongue back in and straddled her, letting my cock point the way to her mouth. I rubbed the head in her juices and pushed it softly against her lips. She whimpered a little and I took that as a sign of agreement and slid my cock all the way home. I started with a slow rhythm and built until it was like a piston fucking her harder and harder. She was screaming, I was screaming, my cock was pounding her; I felt her cunt milking my cock for all it was worth.

I felt my balls tighten and knew it was over for the moment. I pulled out my cock and shot thick ropes of come all over her tits and onto her face. I saw her lick away what she could at the corners of her mouth and open it wider to take what my cock in. I scooted up and let her take my now limp cock in her mouth and clean it as a reward for being such a good fuckslut.

Just think, this was only the first four hours of a weekend……

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