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A long time ago before the days of VOD, Flash Templates and Overpriced Adult sites, there was the Naughty Angel.  A woman whose very voice was so sexual that even today people are listening to her and begging for more.
Naughty Angel, AKA Lyss, is someone who I am pleased an honored to call a friend [...]

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For long time readers of this blog in it’s many incarnations, you will recognize today’s model fondly.  Kyla is a wonderful women with a phenomenal sense of humor and a body that screams to be looked at by any and all who see her.
She is a divine beauty, a good friend and an excellent human [...]

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Shameless Angel

This woman is pure sexual energy.  One look at her and you will look through every page to see all that you can.  She is electrifying in every way and seemingly perfect to this lone observer.
Thre does not seem to be any limits to what this gorgeous woman can and will do to please her [...]

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Jade 38H

This woman is truly a treat my friends.  She has the body of a Goddess and a smile that will just melt your heart for years afterward.  Her eyes pierce you and her body makes you watch her for longer than you had ever intended to.
She has kindly given me permission to do a little [...]

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Kelly Shibari

If you love Asian women, big breasts, Big Beautiful Women and a woman who can kick your ass at a game of Jeopardy, well then my friends you have just hit the mother load.
Kelly Shibari is one of the most gorgeous women in the Adult Entertainment Industry.  She is a sensual woman with every possible [...]

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