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Something New For Both Of Them

February 3rd, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Erotica

The morning sun was low and still dim as they arrived at Rick’s condo. Their minds were still wrapping about what had just happened, what was possibly about to happen, and what it meant for the future of both of them. Neither of them were exactly the one-night stand type, so they both seriously payed that the other as serious as they each were.

Rick got out of the car first and automatically walked over to her side and opened the door for her. A fact that she smiled at, it was a lost art, chivalry, she was glad to see that some men still practiced it. He took her by the arm and walked her up to the door and stopped before he got his keys from his pocket. He knew that something had to be said, and it was best said before something they regretted occurred.

Elizabeth, I need to tell you, I loved what just happened, I want to go places with this. I am not looking for a one night stand and hope against hope that you feel the same way. I know this is a pressure filled question, but do you think we are going anywhere?”

She smiled up at him as she heard what he said, her thoughts mirrored in his words. “Rick, I am not a woman that goes home with a man for fun. I never have been and never will be. When I got into your car I knew that if certain things were not a given, I would walk away with no hard feelings and think back at a wonderful moment the two of us shared.”

He kissed her cheek softly and placed his hand in his pocket to get the keys and open the door. He had been waiting for a woman like this for a long time. A beautiful woman who understood him, at least in the ways they had discussed as of yet. Perhaps it would work, maybe it wouldn’t. He was overjoyed by the simple fact that they were both willing to try.

“Please come in, don’t mind the emptiness of the condo, it hasn’t been that long since I moved in.” He stepped through the door and the vast, off-white of the walls met him for the first time with a warm and friendly face. They moved to th living room and sat down on the small couch he had bought the day he moved in.

They sat close to one another and he absently ran a finger up and down her cheek, the two of them staring at each other without the awkwardness that usually accompanies such a moment. They very aired seemed to be relaxed and charged with passion in the same instant.

She made the first move, she leaned in and kissed him softly, his mouth reciprocating and matching hers. Their lips and tongues intertwining like they had always been destined to be. He moved closer to her and pulled her against him and kissed her harder, his mouth hungrily exploring hers now. She sighed into his mouth and mirrored his movements, both of them tasting each other with the passion of newness and wonder.

His hands moved over her back in a soft and constant parade of movement, the softness of her making him want to touch her even more. His hand slipped under her top and he ran his hand over the cool skin of her back. She closed her eyes and leaned back into his hands, sighing at the touch.

He kissed her softly and spoke quietly. “Turn around dear, I will give you a nice back rub, get rid of some of that tension back there.” He grinned as she instantly turned and arranged herself between his legs, her backside rubbing against his inner thighs and her entire back presented to him.

He leaned forward and spoke into her ear, his moist lips inches from the tender lobe. “May I lift the top off Dear, it may chafe a bit to rub through the clothes.” He kissed her ear and her neck just after he said it and her sigh gave him the affirmative he was looking for. He reached tot he bottom of her blouse and slowly began to inch it up , his fingers running lightly over the skin of her belly and the sides of her ample breasts. Her hands moved over her head as he slipped the top off, leaving her in a bra, black and soft like silk.

He moved his hands to the base of her spine, just above the cleft of her buttocks and began to massage the muscles there. She leaned back and he smiled as he knew he was giving her pleasure. His fingers kneaded the muscles and she sighed softly as each knot was loosened by his ministrations.

His hands moved slowly up her back, his fingers were skilled in massage and he was concentrating on making her feel a state of bliss. He did not noticed how her breath had quickened somewhat and was surprised when she turned her head slightly and spoke in a husky tone.

“It will be easier for the middle of my back if we took of f the bra.” His hands went to it and after a moment the clasp was loosened and her breasts fell from their restraints. She pulled the material away from the skin and placed the bra on the table in front of them.

His hands moved over the skin were the straps of the bra had gone across the middle of her back. The material had dug into her skin and his fingers went softly over the skin so as not to aggravate it. He felt the swell of the side of her breasts and let his fingers move over the softness of them. She leaned back into his arms now, the massage forgotten for the moment.

He carefully reached around her body and slowly ran his fingertips over her nipples, the skin hardening into a perfect circle as he did. The hard nipples caught the light of the early morning and her sigh made it seem as if perfection had entered his condo.

He leaned into her neck and kissed it softly as his hands softly massaged her breasts, his hands making sure every inch of them deserved the attention that they deserved. He nipped playfully at her neck and she sighed as he did, her body thrusting her chest outward to meet his hands.

He increased the pressure of his hands, cupping and softly kneading the flesh under him. His chest pressed against her back and his mouth found a delicious spot on her neck and he tasted her with his tongue, the sweetness of her skin taking him away from reality completely.

She moaned softly, wriggling softly against him and finally sat forward, her breath coming in shallow gasps as she looked at him, her eyes glazed with lust as he was sure his were. He noticed that his breath was not exactly coming out in easy breaths at that point.

She got up on her knees and faced him, her knees between his legs and her proud and gorgeous chest inches away from him. He lost himself in the visage of her and moved his head to her breast, kissing softly over the top of the skin and finally finding the soft pink flesh of the nipple. His tongue swirled around it and suckled on it.

His other hand found the other breast and massaged it, finding the nipple there and softly pulling on the nub, pinching softly, his mouth still attached and begging for more. After a moment he switched sides, refusing to neglect any part of this sweet goddess. She moaned loudly as he switched and her hands rand through his soft hair and pulled softly when he did something she particularly enjoyed.

He stopped and pulled his head up, his mind thinking of how absolutely divine the woman in front of him was, the softness of her skin still being felt as his hands ran down her torso and met her hips, running his hands over her wide and flared hips, her thighs like milky mounds of wonder.

It was then she lifted her hands and pushed him back softly, his head landing on the softness of the armrest behind him. Her hands moved in a mesmerizing dance as she slowly unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing and her hands collided with his chest. The softness of her hands on the hair of his chest nearly drove him insane, yet he stayed down, letting her explore him as she had allowed him to do.

The coolness of her touch as her fingers ran over his skin was intoxicating, he opened his eyes to see her move forward, her knees straddling the center of his legs and her face directly above him. She leaned down and kissed him, their mouths once again finding each other, but softly now. A gentle exploration compared to the animalistic lust from early.

He would do anything to make this instant last forever and he had a feeling she sensed it as well. They kissed until their breath was quick and gasping. She was so sweet, the taste of her reminded him of wine, roses, summer and joy.

She was above him now, the rising sun casting her face in a light that displayed her as a true goddess of the light, an Artemis within his own sight.

Her hands slipped down her body slowly, her thumbs catching the material at her waist and pulling it down, her eyes never leaving his. She lifted herself for a moment and when she came back to rest, she was there atop him in all her glory, the magnificence of her nudity nearly causing him to tear from the sight.

Still with no words she reached and placed her hands on his hips above his pants and began to pull. His hips lifting to help her and then in a moment and a few movements she was stop him again, both of them nude and never more alive than they had ever been.

His length was hard and ready, inches from the moist and warm opening of her center. It pulsed softly with his heartbeat and her hands gently moved to it, softly running fingertips over it that nearly made him explode with the sensation.

Her hand wrapped about it softly, the warmth and hardness of it contrasted by the incredible softness and cool touch of her hand. She stroked him softly, her hand moving up and down his shaft with an excruciating slowness. After a few moments she stopped and when their eyes met they knew that it was time.

She lifted her hips and lowered herself on him, the heat from her making him purr with satisfaction, his girth making her moan softly. She lowered herself more still and her velvet iron core gripped him tightly, squeezing from all sides as she threw her head back in a wordless cry. Finally she sank all the way onto his length, her buttocks resting against him, his manhood fully buried within her. There was no more pauses, no more looks from her.

She slowly began to undulate atop him, the rippling massage his manhood received was unlike anything he had ever felt before. She moaned louder as she sped up her movements, her arms going behind her, resting on his legs as she bucked agsint him. His arms moving and touching her everywhere that he could reach, the sweat beading on both of them as she went faster still, the electric feeling in him growing and growing, her breasts heavy with sweat were slick under his fingers as he tugged again on the nipples, her mouth opening in a cry as he did. He continued what he saw she enjoyed and she threw herself forward, leaning onto his chest as she lowered and raised herself in a frenzy of lust.

His hands moved towards her ample buttocks, squeezing the soft skin and pulling her hips onto him, thrusting himself now. She screamed as he did and they were both lost in a infinite time of thrusting, sweat, crying out in lust and fingers digging into flesh.

He felt himself prepare to explode into her and her eyes met his. His eyes asked what his mouth could not and she nodded as she still worked herself onto his turgid length. He felt himself swell and he felt her tighten on him even more and he knew it was inevitable.

With a cry that was more of a scream for both of them, he emptied himself into her and she accepting his seed. Pulse after pulse of his orgasm hit, nearly in time with hers as she milked him, draining him of everything before collapsing against one another. Breath coming in near hyperventilation.

For hours they lie there, nude and wrapped in each others arms. The warmth and perfectness of the day wrapping about them. There were no words, only soft kisses and softer embraces as the the love that was developing in them took hold and intertwined.

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