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Kit - Part 3

February 4th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Erotica

Kit shakes her head weakly, cobwebs still clinging to her mind. The abrupt movement causes a surge of nausea that makes her wish she could sink back into the blissful darkness as she comes to fully waking. A small whimper slips from her lips as she sits up and examines her surroundings; every fibre of her body aching, throbbing or sending shooting pains through her. Carefully she brings a hand to her check and scowls at the swollen limp on her temple. She had no doubt that there were many angry bruises to match the lumps dotting her tender flesh. Scanning the room she is rather surprised to find herself in a tastefully appointed bedroom suite. There are silken sheets on the 4 poster bed which she lays, gossamer curtains surrounding the bed which hang from the ceiling. She is puzzled and very much afraid of this foreign place… a nagging intuition tells her that what she had recently been through may have only been the beginning of something far worse.

With a deliberate movement Kit slips off the bed, nearly stumbling on unsteady feet. Hesitantly she moves towards the curtains, hoping to at least gain some semblance of idea what the time was and where she was. Holding her breath she pulls them open with a quick jerk. She steps back surprised to see not a window but a solid stone wall. Kit purses her swollen lips in frustration and makes her way across the floor to the huge oaken door. Her attempts to turn the handle and open the door are met with the metallic clanking of a locking mechanism falling into place. A snarl of fury rips from her as she pulls and pulls at the door in vain. She pauses for a moment as the whisper of cruel laughter catches her attention. With another snarl she bashes the heel of her hand on the uncooperative door. With a small sigh she turns, leaning on the secure door as her gaze scans the room further.

In the corner sits an enormous wardrobe of some ancient design and beside it, a side table with a wash basin filled with steaming water. A small silver tray of fruits, cheeses and breads sits on another table and although she is very much famished, she dares not touch it.

“It’s probably drugged or poisoned or something” she mutters.

She snickers… so whoever this bastard was he obviously had money. That thought actually scared her even more because she was well aware that it was easier for the rich to be “eccentric” and have it go unnoticed… Biting her lower lip in thought she curls into an overstuffed chair, pulling a blanket about her. She needed to figure out what the hell was going on… and quickly…

Kaotiks stood at the coffee nook that faced the forgotten waterfront in front of him. He sipped a bitter tea and smiled as he watched the sun sink totally over the crest of the trees to the west. He laid out the final items on the silver tea service he had in front of him. Fine china and sterling silver, handpicked Indian sweet tea and non-refined sugar cane directly imported from his offices in Jamaica. He was simply, yet elegantly dressed in a pair of black trousers, crisply pressed and seamed. A silver blouse hung on him as if it were designed for him, which it had been a long time past. His boots laced up to his mid thigh and his hair, long and silvery, was tied back in a severe ponytail which hung in a straight line down his back. He turns his head as he hears noise from the guest suite. Picking up the tea trolley, he makes his way towards the room with a simple noiseless stride. When he arrives, he shifts the trolley from one hand to another and fetches a large black key ring that appears to be made of iron, swiftly finding his object; he places the key in the lock….

He makes a great deal of effort to make as much noise as he can before he turning the lock tumblers and presses his shoulder against the door. He realizes that he will most likely be attacked upon entering the room, so he decided to leave the tea trolley on a small table outside the door for the moment. It was a dear set to him and it would be a tragedy if it was damaged in any way. He steps into the room, quickly closing the door behind him and making sure he keeps his back to the door.

“Kit, I see that you have finally awoken from your slumber. I was beginning to think that you would simply sleep the rest of the week away. As if five days was not enough. Would you care for tea?” His voice was as sincere and pleasant, but there was an undercurrent to it,  a dark and dangerous undercurrent. He stepped backwards and fiddled with his door behind his back so that if she did incapacitate him, she would still be trapped in here with him.

Tucking her legs close to her chest in a protective manner, Kit peers with suspicious, hate filled eyes at the man as he enters. Her silver blue orbs swirling with a life of their own, made no attempt to hide her loathing. Given the demeanour he had displayed the last time that they had met she was caught off guard by his cordial, almost joking manner. The darkness that surrounded him was still palpable and she would not be seduced by his apparent kindness.

Kit considered making a break for the door but quickly dismissed it as she knew that she was in no physical condition to muster the speed and dexterity that would be required to make it past the hulking brute. She pointedly ignored his gesture of the offered tea though its sweet aroma watered her parched mouth.

Her musical voice low and even she growls “Who the hell are you and where the fuck am I?”

She knew that back on the beach she had not had any of her identification with her, so the fact that this man knew her name and spoke with such easy familiarity bore heavy on her mind. Kit had to admit she was both famished and parched but stubbornly pushed the nagging needs of her body away as her mind reels. Five days? She had been unconscious for 5 days? What the hell had he stuck her with? For that matter what the hell had he done to her?

An involuntary shiver courses through her curvaceous frame as fragments of memory cascade in her mind. Pain, rending flesh, the coppery scent of blood filling he nostrils and the horror at the recognition that the vitreous fluid causing the odour was her own.  She swallowed hard against the bile rising in her throat as the shards from her mind reformed into a cohesive recollection of events.

“Why have you brought me here?” She demanded. “You can’t keep me here you know, people will be looking for me”. Kit held her head haughtily, her gaze never leaving him.

He raised his hand in a manner of polite deference and smiled.

“Hush now, Ma Petite Minou, all will be explained in due time.”

He moved a little faster than he probably needed to and opened the door, fetching the tear trolley from outside the door and placing it on an oak side table that stood near him.

“You will find food on the tray here, as well as tea. No doubt you will have assumed I have poisoned it, for that matter I can give your mind no peace except to say that it is not such. You shan’t believe me, but it is so.”

His smile flashed once again and he made his way back to the door, an antique clawed chair sitting near the door, almost as if it was meant for him to sit in and answer questions such as the ones he was answering now.

“Eat first and then I assure you I shall answer all your questions.”

Kit’s hunger and thirst finally began to wear her resistance down. Taking great care to keep the blanket covering her nakedness firmly wrapped about her, she takes a few hesitant steps closer to the tray of food and drink. She is obviously torn because although she does desire the nourishment, she would have to come within an arm’s reach of the man to obtain it. After only 2 steps her pride freezes her in place, continuing to glare balefully at the man now lounging in the chair.

“I’m not hungry” she says coolly.

The man nods to her in a quick motion, the smile gone as well as any good temper he may have had at the meeting. “You refuse my hospitality?” His voice sharp and cold.

He walks to her and rips the blanket from her fingers before she has a chance to clench them about the blanket. “I shall leave the tea and food here for you. When I return, I will knock thrice upon the door. I say thrice because your servants will knock but once. When I enter the room, if your food and tea are not gone, and by gone I do mean eaten by you, then we will have to go straight to the lessons I have in store for you. If you do what I tell you, then I will allow you to dress yourself and bring in garments of your desire that you may way whenever you please.” He looked at her again, his eyes like ice. “Are we clear on this point my Kitten?”

Kit stands perfectly still trembling in a mixture of pure rage and embarrassment at her suddenly exposed form. Although she does not answer, her silvery blue eyes betray her fervent desire not to ever have to endure what the previous meeting entailed ever again.

“Why are you doing this?” She asks again.

His rage is immediate as she does not answer him. He moves like a lightning bolt and crashes his hand into the side of her face. The blow fresh and brutal, causes her to crumple to the floor.

“When I ask a question, you will answer “Yes Sir” or “No Sir”. There will be no middle ground answers. All failure will be met by punishment. You have just received a warning Kitten. Do not make me do what must be done next.”

He shakes his head and backs off slowly.

“I ask of you again, are we clear on this point my Kitten?”

Kit’s head remains lowered for several moments as she attempts to clear the ringing in her ears, her hands clenching the luxurious carpeting which did little to break her fall. She flips her hair over her shoulder and looks up at him, licking the fresh blood from her once again swollen lips. The defiance in her eyes was apparent even from the distance that he stood.

“Beat me all you fucking want asshole, but I will never call you Sir. I’m not one of your fucking servants nor am I your slave.”

Kit was very aware that he may just kill her for disobeying him, and in many ways that is exactly what she was hoping for, that way she could at least keep what little dignity she had left intact. Her body braces itself for the fury she knows will be soon be levelled at her stoically.

It was a dangerous gamble she was making but one she felt was worth her self respect.

Kaotiks thought a moment as she threw her temper tantrum. He knew what must be done but did not do it. This one was different; she possessed something that he wanted. He stood and bowed low before her, his head nearly touching the floor. On the return to his standing stature she could see how tall he was, he must have been 6′10″ if he was an inch.

“Very well then.”

His heart broke as he smashed the tea trolley onto the floor and ground his booted foot into the food that was there.

“Do know that even if you do not eat, you will not die, I will see to your….nutrition my self.” He smiled cruelly with his the last sentence and licked his lips slowly as he turned towards the door.

Kit cannot help but quiver slightly at the violence he displays though she tries to keep it inside. Without warning a sliver of the broken crockery flies off the floor and embeds itself into the oaken door, barely missing taking off the man’s ear. Kit’s small gasp hung in the near electrically charged air of the room as understanding of his meaning dawns in her.

She skitters backward away from him, pressing her bare back against the stone wall, shaking her head repeatedly. “No… “she stammers incredulously,” that’s not possible…. not possible…”

Kaotiks turns about to mock at her, his laughter deep and haunting. He smiles wider; lines of razor sharp teeth line both the top and bottom of his gaping maw. The two front teeth both top and bottom are extended at least four inches, as a viper when it’s teeth are not folded back.

“All things are possible in the dark Sweet Kitten”

He flashed another smile and it was the face she had seen but a moment before, all the features normal and, well, human.

“I believe that we have come to an impasse, I shall have to teach you manners this time.”

Kit swallowed hard as she continues to shrink away from the monster in front of her, nearly climbing the stone wall. Her eyes are now wide in terror. She cringes from his sudden transformation though is powerless to look away. Although she had like most girls gone through a dark phase and thought it would be interesting for some dark brooding night lord to spirit her away, those were just childish fantasies she had long since disregarded. That such horrors could actually exist was beyond the scope of her substantial nerves.

“Why me?” she says in a small voice. Spasmodically her hand grasps for another blanket in the vain hope of covering her form. Her breath becomes laboured as the air around her seems to pulse as panic tightens its grip.

Kaotiks stops his thoughts and changes gears, the gentleman returning once again as if he had never left. He bends down and slowly begins to pick the broken pieces from the floor.

“There are many things into his world that you know Kitten and many more that you do not. I ask you to never ask me that again lest you find out an answer you cannot cope with even in the pits of your nightmares.”

He picked up the last of the crockery and whatnot and stood, brushing off the pants and shirt to an immaculate finish.

“Have you never wondered what it would be like to become of the creatures of the night Kitten, know the pleasures of eternity and the unending life?”

He looked into her eyes as she formulated an answer and let his mind wander slowly until it tapped her own. He stopped a moment and waited, he would not do the next until she answered him, if she answered in a correct manner he would have to do nothing. If she did not, he would peel the layers of her mind away from her soul like the peel of an orange.

Kit shook her head blinking rapidly. “NO…no… Not ever in any context but a …” she stops herself before she completes the thought.

Kit took a deep breath to steady herself. She turns on her heel, away from him still shaking her head.

Firmly she murmurs to herself “Okay girl… enough now, time to wake up… this is all just a bad dream…not real… just another one of those ones that you can stop and control when you want… now wake up come on. Please wake up…”

As she murmurs, one of the side tables in the room trembles on its base as if it is caught in an earthquake. Kit closes her eyes tightly wishing this nightmare would end and she would wake in her own bed safe the man sits down with a flourish, draping his leg over one of the chair legs and speaks as the obviously temporarily disturbed woman does what she must.

“I have yet to tell you my name Little Kitten. I am known as Kaotiks, once a Lord of Hammerfall but the civilization that I was a lord in has long since turned to dust and been forgotten by all in the world save me.”

He looks her up and down, obviously forgetting she was nude he licked his lips as he started to stand, a need rising in him. “Your name is Kit?”

Kit whirls around, her eyes obviously disappointed that she was still here as she opened them. She quickly grabs the blanket and covers herself. “Aye. How do you know it?” She watches him carefully, feeling quite vulnerable at the moment. T

“There are many things I know things I can teach you if you will but submit to me in every way and do what I tell you to do. I can show you things that mere men and women imagine as madness.” He talked towards her as he spoke, his passion coming out and his penis growing under the tight fitting clothes. “So many mysteries you will have answered, so many things you can do or want. Never again will you worry about time, or death.”

Kit shakes her head much firmer this time and side steps in an attempt to slip around him. “I don’t want mysteries or any other such craziness… and I LIKE my worries” she says emphatically… “I’m not going to do what you want because I don’t want what you are offering.” she flashes a nervous smile “I’m flattered, honestly, but no thanks. I’m quite content to grow old and die just like everyone else.”   She raises her hand, holding it in front of her as if to stop his approach with it.

“I’m not like you… and I really don’t want to be, no offense… I’ll keep your secret, just please, let me go”

The table began to raise and fall violently off to her side as she trembles.

He grabs her wrists and snaps it to the left so suddenly that the crack in the air is heard a moment before the bone shatters and the hand lays limp and useless at the end of her arm.

“I have tried to be polite to you Kit; I have tried all I know how to do to keep you by choice. Now we will use other methods, darker methods to get you to come about into the light, or the darkness I should say.”

He picks her up by her arm and throws her into the chair she had been curled against when he had first arrived. “I will see that new food arrives and that a maid tends to your wounds.”

In a quick motion he leaves the room and the lock is heard to tumble behind him.

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